EGA Specialty Services Fighting the Good Fight


St. Augustine was a major focus of warfare and military activity from the time of its founding in 1565 until after the Civil War 300 years later. The battles during this time have gone down in history and visitors flock here to explore Castillo de San Marcos, Fort Mose, Fort Matanzas and the Old City Gates.

The one battle that never quite made it into the history books is one we all fight daily. (Don’t worry, we’re not getting political.) It’s the endless fight against mold and mildew throughout our beautiful city.

And it’s a fight Josh Silcox of EGA Specialty Services is not taking lying down. A 14-year Marine Corps veteran, Josh is taking on the mold and mildew infiltrating our local community’s homes as he cleans exteriors, roofs, driveways, windows, gutters, decks and fencing.

Josh applies his military training to the quality of service he provides. Not only is he licensed and insured, he is detail oriented, takes extreme pride in his work – and therefore, goes above and beyond what is expected during a service call.

Josh says, “I go the extra mile because it makes me feel good inside when a customer comes out with a smile of appreciation on their face for making their home look beautiful again. That feeling never goes away and makes me work even harder on the next home.”

EGA Specialty Services is fighting the good fight by:

  • Soft washing home exteriors (with little to no pressure)

  • Pressure washing driveways

  • Cleaning gutters

  • Soft washing roofs

  • Cleaning windows (both exterior and interior)

  • Power washing decks and fencing

EGA Specialty Services does single jobs but also offers annual service contracts to keep homes looking incredible year-round. (After all, winning a battle requires persistence!)

To learn more about how Josh can lead you into battle against the elements, visit EGA Specialty Services on Facebook page. He also offers discounts to all service members!