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Spend the Time. Save the Memories.

Jodie Dellinger Photography is a St. Augustine photographer specializing in in portrait, business, lifestyle, landscape and product photography.

We go from babies to graduates to newlyweds in what seems like mere minutes. Soon, you’re struggling to remember your past. But, unfortunately, memory can be a fickle friend.

Jodie Dellinger Photography helps you hold on to those precious moments. Some people say that pictures are worth a thousand words. But they’re more than that. Pictures are a path from the present to the past. The perfect photo can help you relive the most joyous times in your life. But you need the right photographer to get that shot.

In addition to portraiture and lifestyle photography, Jodie Dellinger Photography specializes in professional portraits, real estate, event and product photography to properly reflect your brand and market you business.

Whether it’s for pleasure or business, contact Jodie today to set-up your photo shoot. You can also find JDP’s prints and framed photos locally at Coconut Barrel and Zora Bora Gallery.