STA Marketplace is Born

Our mission began as a selfish one: to find local products and support local businesses.

 When we began our quest, we never dreamed the nation’s oldest city would offer such a treasure trove of locally made goods and diverse services. Our little town truly has it all!

 In our search, we made another discovery. We were not alone in our mission to support local. However,  most people lacked the time needed to seek out local businesses or explore every local market or festival.

 So we thought, why not cast all local entities in the spotlight and make it easy for everyone to support the local movement?

 And that’s exactly what we’ve done with STA Marketplace. It’s a one-stop directory to find anything and everything that stems from or is available in St. Augustine.

 We’re just getting started, so check back regularly to explore everything the nation’s oldest city has to offer.

 Join us as we Live Local. Buy Local!